State Inspection

Integrtiy Car Care Offers Car Inspection On Westheimer Road!

If you are living in Westheimer road in Houston or civic areas that require vehicle inspections to determine if your vehicle meets state as well as local vehicle safety or emission requirements, You can keep the inspectors or other authorities satisfied for state inspection Houston of your vehicle or emissions testing.

For state inspection Houston, it is necessary for Texas registered vehicles to undergo a comprehensive safety inspection every 12 months. Some counties require an emission test in addition to safety inspection. The state of Texas has now introduced the two step one sticker process, which replaces the old system.

This state inspection process consists of two steps but only one sticker is issued at the end of the process. Starting March 1 2015, you need to keep your state inspection report handy. In this one-sticker process, you will need to pass a vehicle inspection and retain the vehicle inspection report issued to you by the station.

Now, as part of the second step, you need to renew your annual registration by mail, online, or in person. The inspection status will then be verified electronically. Thus, a passing inspection is required for verification. However, if your vehicle passed state inspection but the inspection is unable to electronically verify it, you need to present the valid Vehicle inspection Report (VIR) at the time of registration.

Below is a list of some of the safety items that are checked:
  • • Horn
  • • Wipers
  • • Mirrors
  • • Steering
  • • Seat Belts
  • • Brake System
  • • Tires
  • • Wheel Assembly
  • • Exhaust System
  • • Beam Indicator
  • • Tail Lamps
  • • Stop Lamps
  • • License Plate Lamp
  • • Rear Red Reflectors
  • • Turn Signal Lamps
  • • Head Lamps
  • • Motor, Serial or Vehicle Identification Number
  • • Window Tint
  • • Gas Cap
  • • Financial Responsibility

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