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Auto Repairing & Car Care Services

State Inspection

If you are living in Westheimer road in Houston or civic areas that require vehicle inspections to determine if your vehicle meets state as well as local vehicle...

BG Preventive Maintenance

We will perform BG maintenance services for your car based upon its mileage. These services are preventive in nature and will increase your vehicle performance.

Auto A/C Service & Repairs

We service and repair auto A/Cs to help you stay cool! Our services don’t burn a hole in your pocket unlike other service and repair providers!

Engine Repairs

We are dedicated to keeping you safe on the road with our extensive experience in engine repairs. We provide you quality service and quick turnaround time.

Oil Change & Lube

Keep your vehicle road worthy with regular oil change and lube from us. We help you maintain your vehicle’s performance on the road!

Brake Service

Keep your vehicle ready for the road with brake service from Integrity Auto Care. Why take chances! Keep your brakes working in fine working order!

Alignments & Front-end Work

Regular alignments and front-end work are a must-do! Why compromise the safety of your driving or face vibration issues. Get your wheel aligned and handle your car better!

Transmission Repairs

We make sure that your car’s engine efficiently powers the wheels via the transmission. Our reliable transmission repairs service covers Houston and the surrounding communities.