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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical Repair

If you have an auto electrical problem, then you can trust Integrity Auto Care for the auto repair job. Simply don’t trust your electrical needs to just any other auto electrical repair service in Houston. You can always make Integrity Auto Care the first choice for your quality Electrical Solutions.

We have several years of providing auto electrical repair in Houston and surrounding areas. Also, we are experts for auto engine diagnostics in Westheimer, Houston, and other areas.

You might not even know that you have a dead battery or a misfiring starter or alternator. For all your auto electrical repair or even maintenance needs, you can trust Integrity Auto care. We provide our services with the highest levels of integrity and care. You can expect the highest levels of workmanship from us!

In case you have a problem with the batteries, then you can always count on us. This is a crucial component under your car’s bonnet that powers the ignition system as well as the starter motor and the lights of the car. If you have a battery issue, then we provide a convenient battery testing as well as replacement service so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. We handle all the issues related to batteries – from battery replacement, testing, charging, installation, as well as recycling!

You could even have a failed starter as a failed starter means a failed engine and thus a car that cannot start! When your car cannot start, you simply need to seek the help of the auto electrical repair Houston experts! Also, if you have a weak alternator, then you will need to seek expert help! This is one automotive device that can help you convert mechanical energy back to electrical energy.

If you have an auto electrical problem, then you will need to seek expert help!